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What the Number Say, Again

A little less than 5 years ago I published this article that went over the numbers related to mortality from the CDC.  I wanted to revisit that and re-hash those same numbers 5 years later. I was afforded the opportunity … Continue reading

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Lessons from history and the law of unintended consequences

Apparently, this has been a banner year for “gun control” bills to be introduced, both at the federal level and in my state. I’m sure other states as well. In my state alone there have been 48 gun control bills … Continue reading

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Red flags are for avoiding bad dates, not gun laws

One of the issues currently being discussed as a way to implement gun control is something called an Extreme Risk Protective Order (ERPO), more commonly called a “Red Flag” law. In additional to the usual culprits in a legislative session … Continue reading

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Are legal firearms for military purposes or for sporting purposes? Both?

So Congress is at it again with a plethora of firearms-related bills this time around. Some are good, and some are bad and some I’m not sure yet. I’m not sure because the current run has some bills that may … Continue reading

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Building your own rifle

A few good friends of mine hunt feral hogs in the area using some custom-built AR-15s and allowed me to use one of these rifles when we invited them out to some family’s property to help reduce the feral hog … Continue reading

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When to join the Circus

There is an old Polish proverb that is making the rounds in self defense circles, and pretty much just in general; “This is not my circus. These are not my monkeys.” Of course it’s been shortened to simply “Not my … Continue reading

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Words have meanings

It’s time for gun owners to do a brake check, step back for a minute, and then carefully choose our words going forward.  We are constantly trying to correct the language of those who would choose to ban guns, or … Continue reading

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