You know what they didn’t have?

This past weekend there was a horrific attack in Orlando, Florida at a predominantly gay nightclub.  I won’t publish the name of the asshole who perpetrated the attack, but he used guns.  Naturally after every occurrence like this, people are up in arms about how to prevent this kind of tragedy, and this time around I have seen all of it… again… still.

Political hacks are already trying to make hay of this massacre and are trying to ram through shit brained laws aimed at “preventing” something like this from happening again.  And there are people who are falling for it.  I have never seen a call for a ban on assault weapons so fast in my life.  Even though it has come out now, that the shooter didn’t have one (last I heard the “AR-15” he had was actually a shotgun). I’ve seen other fuck-tarded ideas too. “Let’s regulate guns like cars.”  “People need to be part of a militia to own a gun.” “Well regulated means…” and so on and so on.

You know who should be asked about what the gun laws should be? GUN OWNERS.  We have the answers. We have had the answers. You don’t like the answers because it makes you uncomfortable. Allow me to explain.

A massacre happened this weekend.  One guy with a few guns managed to shoot a whole bunch of people, killing half of them.  You know what stopped him?  He got shot.  Doesn’t matter who did it, or how. The end result is the same. Bad guy was shot and killed.  He shot a whole bunch of people, and then he got shot and the shooting stopped.

Guess what no one in the nightclub had? (with the exception of one cop, who was the first one killed, from what I understand.) Not a one of them (except the dead cop) had a way to shoot the asshole.  Nope, they had to wait until someone who could shoot the asshole showed up to shoot the asshole.  All the while, the asshole is still shooting the place up.

See the problem?  All that these new laws are going to do is make it easier for the assholes. We should have more guns. Everyone who chooses* to carry a gun should be allowed to do so. Want to know why? BECAUSE THEN SOMEONE CAN SHOOT THE ASSHOLE AS SOON AS HE DECIDES HE’S AN ASSHOLE!

We have been over this and over this and over this.  “Ban high capacity magazines.” Bad guy gets 50 rounds, potential good guy gets 7.  “Ban assault rifles” Already tried that. It did exactly nothing. “Ban guns from [insert place name here]” Bad guy has a gun, potential good guy has what, a keychain?  Moral superiority?  Perfect hair? There is this one neat trick we haven’t tried yet though.

At some point, gun owners will be able to say “I told you so.”  Just like we have done so many times before.  Every single law restricting gun ownership, and the ability to carry, makes the problem worse.  Always has. Always will.

And yet still, every time there is a tragedy like this there are those who stand on the bodies and scream “We could have prevented this!”  They’re right. We could have. But you had to have your laws that you thought made you safer…


*I say “chooses” specifically here.  I don’t think everyone should have a gun.  If you’re not comfortable around them, then I am okay with that, and I will respect that.  I won’t forcefully put one in your hands.
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One Response to You know what they didn’t have?

  1. Rifleman III says:

    Reblogged this on Rifleman III Journal and commented:
    Few loose ends:
    (A) First and foremost, people did not have any means of self defense.
    (B) There allegedly is a possible accomplice.
    (C) Population density. Rounds penetrating rather than “millions” of rounds fired.
    (D) Insufficient egress for 300 people.
    (E) Blocked exit doors.


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