How to properly handle the Syrian refugees.

I’m going to piss everyone off today. Tough shit. Deal with it…

As far as the Syrian refugee crisis, many people on both sides of the political spectrum have ideas on what to do, and they are all wrong.  Allow me to explain;

Many conservatives (and I use that term loosely) are arguing that we should not allow the Syrian refugees into the country because we can’t properly vet them and don’t know if there will be terrorists among them.  That’s like not allowing any students into a school because there might be a bully in the mix.  I’ll let that sink in for a minute.  (Yes, it is exactly that stupid.)

Many of these people are fleeing from a terrifying place and asking for someone to help them, so that they can get back on their feet.  Kind of like women in abusive relationships going to a shelter.  The United States is one of those shelters, and we should welcome those refugees.  I’m not saying let’s make them citizens, or put them up at the Hilton Inn, or giving them Showcase Showdown prize number two from The Price Is Right. But our hospitality needs to show, and we need to be compassionate to these people, and teach them that life can be worth living.

(My conservative friends are probably apoplectic right now hearing me say this, while my liberal friends are saying “Yeah! What he said!”)

So what if there is a “bully” in the mix?  What do we do then?  (This is where many of my “Liberal” friends will lose their shit.)  The solution to a bully in the mix (a terrorist among the refugees for those of you reading who aren’t too bright and don’t do analogies well), is to have a gun.  And I don’t mean locked up in a safe somewhere in your attic.  I mean on you, right now.  With the appropriate training to use it when one of those assholes hidden among the refugees decides he wants to shoot up a daycare center, or a shopping mall, or a college campus.  That gun free zone shit? That’s got to go.  Signs don’t stop assholes.

So all this talk of “justifiable cause” for a carry permit, or trying to ban a certain kind of gun because your “feelies got all hurtsied,” or threatening someone legally carrying a gun, ends.  STFU about it, and let us protect ourselves, as we see fit.  Your argument for any kind of gun control ended the instant you said “we need to allow these strangers into our house.”

Most of the refugees are probably nice.  But there will be the one Daeshbag in the mix that manages to fuck all the shit up, and I want to be able to protect myself from him (or her as it turns out).

I have no problem inviting you into my house. If you think I’m going to bury my guns in the back yard because you’re coming over, you’re crazy.

America is the most benevolent country in the world (Not counting this past year, when we lost that title to a third world mud pit of a country with a plumbing problem. How the fuck did that happen?) and we are a beacon to people all over the world of how life could be, if they learn to stand up for themselves. Let’s teach them to stand up for themselves, and let them fight for their home.  (If you’re still following the analogy, it’s akin to teaching the victim to stand up to the bully, like Ralphie did to Scut Farcus.)

So to sum up:

“Conservatives”: In the nearly immortal words of one of my dearest friends, Mikey, (and probably one of the few who agrees with me on this entire post) – “BE FUCKING NICE!”

“Liberals”: Don’t force your stupid on everyone else. (STFU about guns.)

Everyone got it? Good. Now can we all get on with the rest of our lives? Thanks.

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