Dying isn’t noble…

In online discussions with people who don’t like that I carry, I frequently hear them make the following claim as though to give them some kind of moral superiority over my choice to go armed; “I am willing to die to protect my loved ones.” I thought about that for a second, and I have come to the following conclusion; it isn’t noble, it’s stupid.

I get the distinct impression that most of the people who claim this, don’t think anyone should legally own a firearm excepting for the police and military.  While we have been conditioned to think that dying to protect someone you love is very noble, it’s actually idiotic.  It’s a one time offer.  Once you have died protecting your children, you are no longer able to protect them.  Not for the next 20 years, let alone the next 20 minutes.  In dying to protect your family, you may very well have sentenced them to the same fate as you.  You can’t protect them once you are gone. Becoming a martyr for your family won’t change the intent of anyone trying to do your loved ones harm.  They won’t have a sudden change of heart and miraculously find their deity of choice and repent of their evil ways.  After you are gone, they will continue with what they were doing.  Big help you were.

I’m not willing to die to protect my family. I’m willing to live. That may sound harsh and counter-intuitive but think about it.  I’m willing to do all that is necessary to ensure my continued survival, which I can then use to help ensure their continued survival.  That means that I fight back and I don’t fight fair.  If my loved ones are threatened, I will use every fiber of my being to remove the threat.  Being a human shield to protect them will not remove the threat to their safety.

So it isn’t noble to die to protect something you love.  It’s stupid, and selfish.  You should be doing everything you can to ensure your continued survival so that you can continue to protect your loved ones.  I’m not saying that you should run out right now and buy a gun and get a license to carry (you should though). But you should definitely do something. Carry a knife, get trained in a martial art, be an active participant in your own protection.

Don’t be willing to die to protect your loved ones. Be willing to live.

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