“Somebody do something that vaguely looks like helping!”

We have seen it a myriad of times, on television and in movies.  Someone is hurt or injured for some reason. Whether they have been shot, hit by a bus, mangled by a feral Chi-weenie dog or have a lethal hangnail, someone invariably screams out “Someone call 911.”  And somehow, magically, someone does.  Let’s apply reality to that, shall we?

Regardless of why, whether someone was shot, hit by a bus, mangled by a feral Chi-weenie dog or has a lethal hangnail, we have determined that someone is in need of urgent medical care.  Being that my blog is all about armed self-defense, for the sake of this story we’ll assume that you poked a hole in someone for an appropriate and legal reason. (Attacking you with a feral Chi-weenie probably does not fit into this category, consult your attorney.) You might be tempted to say the ubiquitous line “someone call….” and let me stop you right there.  In general people will be huddled around watching what is going on, wondering what to do, and quite probably getting video with their cell phones. You, being in a default position of authority in the midst of what is going on, are going to need to start giving directions.  While keeping your firearm trained on the person who has been hole punched, select one person in the crowd that is likely gathered and give them the instruction.  Point to them with your support hand and get their attention. “YOU! Call 911!” You’ll see something amazing happen. Typically they will stop doing whatever they are doing, and will start dialing.  If you just call out generically “Someone call 911!” everyone will assume that someone else is doing just that, and the police and/or ambulance won’t show up for three weeks.  No matter what you do, do NOT point your firearm at anyone except for the person or people who presented a threat.  People typically need guidance and leadership in a crisis.  Be that person. Act with authority.  Start giving commands to people for things that need to be done, but give them to specific people, not just to the crowd in general.  “YOU! Call 911.” “YOU! Go get me a half double decaffeinated half-caf, with a twist of lemon!”  (Don’t order coffee though, seriously.)

Regardless of the situation, or circumstances, people look for leadership, and if you assign a task to a specific individual, it will likely get completed.  If you leave it up in the air,  it’s a safe bet that it won’t get done.

This is also an excellent reason to get trained and certified in First Aid.  In a car accident, while everyone is standing around gawking, you can arrive on the scene, and start instructing people in what to do until the professionals arrive. Full disclosure; I need to follow my own damn advice and get re-certified for First Aid.

Keep in mind, I am not a lawyer, or a trainer, so as always with any of my posts, consult your local professionals for any legal issues, or any questions regarding this advice.


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