How far we’ve fallen… and some of us have risen.

A little over a week ago Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy Darren Goforth was executed.  You probably know the story.  An officer, just coming off of duty was getting gas for his patrol car when a worthless shitbag coward walked up behind him and shot and killed him execution style, unloading an entire pistol magazine.  Recently there has been an uncomfortable trend of officers being murdered simply for being officers.  This one instance however has seemed to have had more of an impact.

I’m glad that there is an outpouring of support for law enforcement. I’m pissed that it took the death of this officer for it to happen.  It seems that as a society, we have fallen so far when police officers are being targeted, simply for being police officers.  As an interesting side note, the gun control crowd has remained rather silent on this one. Maybe it is because they couldn’t make this officer a martyr for their cause. Maybe it is because when they contacted the family in order totry and have her rally to their cause the family told them to get bent. (I don’t know that this happened, but I suspect it is possible.)  Maybe it is because no amount of gun control would have prevented this tragedy.  The shooter was not allowed to own a firearm legally, having been ordered to a mental care facility previously.  There was no way he could have purchased a gun legally.  In any case, the gun control movement have wisely decided not to hang their hat on this tragedy.

Something more interesting has come about from this though, and I can’t decide if it is a good thing or a bad thing.  It does highlight however how far we have fallen as a society, and how a small select few have risen above the tumult and given me hope for our future.


Teen has cops back

Those are two different instances of a member of law enforcement being protected by regular citizens. On the one hand I am glad that there are citizens out there who would watch over those who watch over us in order to keep them safe. They might be concealed carriers, or in the case of the teenager, just an extra set of eyes.  An early warning system of sorts.  These people are absolutely putting themselves in harms way if the officer gets targeted for an assault like what happened to Deputy Goforth, or any of the other officers whose lives have been taken recently.  These people are the best of us.

On the other hand, how sad is it that we have a need for these people now.  That no police officer is safe, even in the sanctity of their own home, because people with a political agenda have stirred up such hate and divisiveness.  The media edits 911 calls to fit an agenda. The media, in their haste to be “first” are quick to put out horrifically incorrect and inflammatory information, and a low attention span populous latches on to it, facts be damned.  There are memorials to criminals. (Michael Brown Memorial) There are people actively trying to provoke a “race” war (and thankfully failing so far). (Virginia Media Shooter)

So while our society descends into a cesspool of racism, hatred, and vitriol, being dragged there by people who mistakenly think it’s a good idea, there are a handful who are desperately trying to keep us from sinking.  To those handful of people, two of them so far confirmed, I say thank you, and there should be more like you. There should be more people willing to lay down their lives for the officers and first responders, who would in turn lay down their lives for us.  You have started a huge movement, and my wife and I are glad to be a part of it.

To any police officers out there who read my blog, both the ones I know and the ones I don’t; “I’ve got your back.”

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