Military leaders question rush to arm soldiers after Chattanooga – and they’re morons.

Military leaders question rush to arm soldiers after Chattanooga

In that article military brass gives all kinds of excuses not to arm our armed forces while on a military installation in the United States. These excuses seem oddly familiar also; “They’re not trained.” “They rates of attack are really low.” “They’ll shoot themselves.” “They’ll shoot innocents.”

These are the same arguments given by anti self-protection politicians as to why a citizen shouldn’t be allowed to carry a firearm for self-defense. I’m halfway surprised that I have not heard “but our military posts will run with blood…”

As far as “they aren’t trained?” Bullshit. It’s a requirement to be in the military.  You must demonstrate a proficiency with a primary weapon or they won’t have you. When I was in basic training in 1991, there was one guy in my training company who was “recycled” for failing Basic Rifle Marksmanship.  It was his second time through basic training.  If he failed three times, then he wouldn’t be allowed in the military. They are trained. Many of them better shooters than the “brassholes” who think their own men aren’t qualified.

Military Brass aren’t the brightest anyway. They are politicians more than they are warriors, and are easily discerned by stars on their uniforms. As a shining testament to their complete and utter stupidity, I have an anecdote from when I was in the Army back around Labor Day, 1992.

Hurricane Andrew hit Florida in a little town called Homestead just outside of Miami and leveled it. All of our leaves and passes were cancelled, and my unit was sent to a little airport on the other side of Miami in a town called Opa-Locka. Before we went, we were told to draw weapons from our battalion armory. WTF? Are we going to war with Florida? Are we going to invade Miami? The reasoning was supposedly in case we got combat deployed from Florida. If that were truly the case, then our armory cages could have been brought with our unit, but we wouldn’t have had any need to have weapons issued to us.  No this was some genius General’s idea. Shit rolls downhill in the military and when it hit the bottom, there was some backsplatter. We protested, quite loudly, that we had no idea why we should have to draw weapons. Some of us asked if we were going to be issued ammo for our weapons. Nope. Just the weapons. So we fly down to Florida, in our gunship UH-1’s (remember I was a crewchief, so two M-60Ds, an M-16A1 and an M-9 for me) to help out with cleaning up after Andrew.  About a week into the relief effort a story circulated that a Marine had his M-16 stolen from him. He was standing watch on a street corner somewhere talking to some locals, when one asked him if his gun was loaded. When the Marine answered “No” the local pulled out his own weapon, probably a pistol of some sort, and claimed “mine is” and relieved the Marine of his M-16.  About 10 minutes after I heard that story came the command that we were to “stack arms” basically giving our weapons back to our armorer so that he could lock them in the travel cages.

It was one of the most idiotic displays of incompetence I have ever witnessed. Privates in the Army were smarter than the Generals and knew what was going to happen.

So now Generals are again displaying their incompetence, and are projecting their own inadequacies onto their troops. “They aren’t experts.” Sir, I served from 1991 until an injury ended my service in 1993. I have qualified expert with the M-16, M-60, M-2, and M-203. I can guarantee that a fairly high number of your current war fighters are experts in those weapons, as well as many other more current versions. Just because you could barely hit the broadside of a barn while locked inside it, don’t assume that simply outranking those serving under you means you are superior to them.  I say let the soldiers decide. If they choose to be armed for their own self-defense, let them be.

I think it is about time we let our Armed Forces live up to their name, and be armed.

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