Whataburger is a Texas bases, Texas owned, Texas-run, Texas operated, Texas financed company and apparently they need some education.  Texas has always taken care of their own but with this action Whataburger seems to be cutting their nose off to spite their face.  Maybe if enough people stop supporting them they will get the message. Take note; this is what I covered with the lady on the phone yesterday at Whataburger’s corporate complaints number.

When I heard through the grape-vine that Whataburger was planning on putting up the 30.06 come Jan 1, 2016, it got my ire up and I wanted to see for myself.  So I called the main location 800-628-7437 and got some representative that has no Idea what a 30.06 sigh was, much less anything else about guns. It didn’t surprise me.  We talked for a bit and I just gave her some basic information that most people do not know or understand about getting a Concealed Handgun License (CHL). By the time we got off the phone I had converted somebody and this woman now understands and “feels safer” understanding that people with these licenses are not just a bunch on lunatics running around trying to feel like Rambo.

I explained to her that as a private citizen we have to jump through hoops and invite the Government into our lives for a full “rectal exam.”

  1. No felonies, period.
  2. No misdemeanors in the past 10 years.
  3. Current on taxes
  4. Current on child support
  5. Full back ground check and if you ever had anything you have to pull records to show disposition
  6. No spousal abuse, period
  7. Electronic set of finger prints
  8. NICS Background Check
  9. FBI Background Check
  10. We have to pass the same proficiency test that Law Enforcement Officers do
  11. Train on a pretty regular basis (Although not a requirement, chances are pretty good that we train fairly often.)

What can be said about the person who does not have a Concealed Handgun License? Nothing. You know absolutely nothing about them.  It has been proven, time and time again that it’s NOT the law-abiding citizens that commit these horrible acts of violence, it’s the criminal.  Criminals go into places that have these signs (30.06) posted because they know that the law-abiding citizens won’t be there to protect anybody and everybody else is a sitting duck, an easy target.  If a law-abiding citizen does come up on a criminal in the act, they don’t want to kill them. They want to stop the threat.  The law-abiding citizen doesn’t want to have to go through a criminal proceeding until everything is sorted out.  It could put them into financial ruin!

This is the response that I received from Whataburger:

Good Morning Karen,


Thank you for contacting Whataburger Restaurants. We always appreciate the opportunity to hear from our guests. We do respect and support our customers’ second amendment right regarding gun ownership. However, Whataburger does not allow the open carry of guns or other firearms in the restaurants for the safety and comfort of our other customers and employees.


Once again, thank you for contacting Whataburger Restaurants, and I hope you have a great day.


Best Regards,


Christina Chapa

Customer Care Team

Whataburger Restaurants


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2 Responses to Whataburger?

  1. Tracy says:

    The eligibility requirements under Texas Government Code Sec 411.172 say no Class A or B misdemeanor or Class C Disorderly Conduct convictions in the past 5 years, not 10 years. Obviously, domestic violence convictions are the exception.


  2. 3boxesofbs says:

    Could it be that simply Whataburger has not formulated a policy regarding Open Carry ?

    I mean I bet many companies don’t pay attention to the changes in the firearm laws; so this is going to catch them by surprise.

    Bob S.


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