What Campus Carry does

Here in Texas, and in other states as well, there is a lot of pending legislation for allowing concealed or open carry on college campuses.  And a lot of people are up in arms about it and posting idiotic articles like this one about it.

It seems that everyone is missing several key points of this legislation though.  I saw one comment recently that stated “Booze, dumb kids and guns don’t mix. Hard to have a fun college life while maintaining responsibility for a firearm.”  So because there is a chance that a student might be irresponsible, everyone else who may be on campus for whatever reason, be it professor, administrator, janitor, parent or what-have-you, is to be left completely defenseless?  My son will be going to college in a few years.  He’s not responsible enough to carry a firearm and he is aware of that fact.  But when I go to visit him on campus I have to be disarmed too?  I’m 40 something years old! I’m not going to be irresponsible with a firearm. I seriously doubt that any of the staff of a college campus who choose to carry would be irresponsible either. (This of course depends on the professor, and some of them I wouldn’t trust with a bicycle, let alone a firearm, but that’s another topic.)

Some people also seem to be under the mistaken impression that not allowing firearms to be legally carried on campus means that there will be no guns on campus.  Hate to break it to them, but guns are already on campus. All that a campus carry bill does is allow people on campus who are legally allowed to carry a firearm elsewhere, including students, to also carry while on campus and in college buildings.  It eliminates a “crime of location” for concealed carriers and allows them to defend themselves.  Depending on Campus Police for your safety proved woefully inadequate for Amanda Collins. Her attacker had a gun, on campus. She was legally prevented from doing so.  She survived. One of the attacker’s next victims did not. This type of travesty is what “Campus Carry” would help to prevent.  Not intimidating teachers for good grades, but allowing students, staff, and parents to participate in their own self defense.


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One Response to What Campus Carry does

  1. 3boxesofbs says:

    I was 22 years old (way before Concealed Carry was approved in Tx) when I started my college career.
    I was a 4 year Air Force Veteran at the time.
    I had been trained on the carry and use of a .38 caliber revolver and the M-16.
    I had been responsible for the life support and survival gear of 75 pilots and weapon system operators in an F-4 Squadron.
    I was living on my own, in my own apartment paying all my bills.

    And I was one of the people the antis say couldn’t be trusted to carry a firearm?

    I got my Bachelor’s degree when I was 38 years old (hey, takes a while when you are going part time and working full time) — and I was still one of the people the antis say couldn’t be trusted to carry a firearm?

    Not all college kids are irresponsible kids.

    Bob S.


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