Hollywood can’t get anything right…

A friend of mine introduced me to the following television clip.  For those of you in the IT world, this will be maddening, since it is so completely over the top useless and wrong.


Click the picture for impressive technobabble nonsense.

For those not in the IT world, in order to track an IP address, you don’t need to create any custom interface. Why bother with that crap? Besides, if it was something that they would need frequently, why don’t they already have it?

Do you have the website address? Then ping it.  On your Windows computer, click start, run, then type in “CMD.” A little black window pops up. Now type in that little black window “ping http://www.google.com” and watch as magically, you get to see the IP address, and how long it takes your computer to talk to that computer.  So while the bimbo in the video clip is going to spend hours building a useless program, I’ve already done the work in about 8 seconds.


If you want to see something really neat, type in TRACERT instead of PING.



This is what Hollywood thinks of you; that you are a hopeless idiot who couldn’t argue your way out of a wet paper bag.  As someone who knows a little about both IT and guns, it baffles me that people don’t realize that Hollywood treats you the same way about firearms as it does about computers, or anything else really.  They know nothing, and assume that you know just as much as they do, or less.  This is why you can’t watch a television show or movie with someone who knows anything about firearms or armed self-defense. We are constantly screaming “Bullshit!” at the screen when they try to pass off something as proven fact, or how some gun works.  You scoffed at movies like Jurassic Park when Lexi claims “this is Unix, I know this!” when it was very clearly not. (The same could be said of movies like Hackers, Swordfish, Sneakers, The Net, or any other movie that referenced a computer at some point in the plot.) However in movies like… pick one, Lethal Weapon maybe? anything they have to say about guns or ammo you think is based soundly in reality.

Basically what I’m saying is that Hollywood thinks you’re an idiot.  The problem is that more than half of the time you buy it.  Basically if you see it in a movie or on a television show and it has anything to do with guns whatsoever, chances are that you are being fed a line of crap, just like with anything else that they think is over your heads.

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One Response to Hollywood can’t get anything right…

  1. Just Plain Ol' Vic says:

    It’s Hollywood. The entire industry is built on bullshit, so you really shouldn’t be surprised!


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