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When they are us…

Oops: After Threatening Hacker With 440 Years, Prosecutors Settle for a Misdemeanor | WIRED. Read the linked article, and then come on back here. I’ll wait. A friend of mine commented the following on his facebook page. We fear what … Continue reading

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Hollywood can’t get anything right…

A friend of mine introduced me to the following television clip.  For those of you in the IT world, this will be maddening, since it is so completely over the top useless and wrong. For those not in the IT … Continue reading

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Bad Apples – Surviving an encounter with Police.

It seems to be going around lately that a lot of interactions with Police officers are ending up in individuals getting themselves dead. Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, etc.  Two of those incidents mentioned went before a Grand Jury … Continue reading

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