Is the tide for Gun Owners changing?

Gun owners have long been the subject of political scrutiny. Any time that anything bad happens that involves a firearm, there is an outcry to ban them all or at least to severely restrict them. Gun owners, having gotten tired of being blamed for the actions of ill-intentioned or careless people, have started fighting back, and instead of just allowing restrictive and implacable gun control laws to be passed, they have started making their voices heard.

There are a ton of landmark court decisions that have happened in the past few months that are possibly a signal that the prejudice against gun owners is changing.

Federal Judge Strikes down Baton Rouge gun ordinance

D.C. Ban on carrying handguns ruled unconstitutional

Federal judge strikes down California waiting period on purchase of firearms

California concealed carry rules eased by Federal court

Georgia governor signs “guns everywhere” into law

Illinois forced to allow concealed carry by courts.

Missouri lawmakers now “obligated” to protect the 2nd amendment

Utah cities pushed to purge gun rules

Florida law preventing doctors from asking about firearms upheld

Federal judge rules that theater can be charged with failure to protect its customers.

On top of that businesses are also starting to show how supporting gun owners and the right of self-protection is a better decision when it comes to gun politics. Businesses are starting to offer discounts to citizens that have carry permits, in a way thanking those customers for helping to protect them and their other customers, and it’s paying off for them.

Smaller restaurants welcome gun owners

Minnesota café offers discounts for concealed handgun carriers

Virginia Beach pizza shop offering 15% discount for gun owners

Maryville restaurant owner sees business boom from supporting gun rights

Even chief law enforcement officers are promoting the idea that armed citizens are their own best defense.

Detroit Police Chief advocates for gun ownership

Harnett county sheriff urges residents to arm themselves

Gun manufacturers are abandoning states that implement onerous gun control legislation in droves.

Magpul moves from Colorado to Texas

Kahr arms moving from New York to Pennsylvania

PTR industries moving from Connecticut to South Carolina

Beretta moving from Maryland to Tennessee

Remington moving from New York State to Alabama

Steyr arms moves Bessemer Alabama

Gun control organizations like Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG), and Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America (MDA-GSA) are hemorrhaging members and money like they are incompetent drug dealers. The two organizations merged into the group “Everytown for Gun Safety”, and membership is still anemic even though it is free to join. The NRA, which has membership dues, still has at least 10 times as many members, if not more. While gun control groups are consolidating to bolster their membership, pro gun rights organizations such as the Second Amendment Foundation, Nations Shooting Sports Foundation, and Gun Owners of America continue to grow.

Politicians who advocate for gun control are treated like lepers by their own political party and are told to “stay away” from the candidates they would hope to support, because it would be detrimental to the candidate’s chances of winning at the ballot box.

Gun control advocates told to “stay away”

Bloomberg money up in smoke. Pro-gun sheriff wins.

Colorado democrat resigns instead of losing

Two Colorado gun controllers recalled in election.

An ad that was created by Everytown for Gun Safety, comically backfired to the point where even on morning show “The View” they advocated for gun rights. Instead of demonstrating how gun control would be beneficial, as they originally intended, it displayed why owning a firearm for self-defense is the better choice.  Even gun control advocates tout the advantages of gun ownership, albeit unintentionally.

Everytown ad

The View’s take on the ad

(I would have posted the “fixed” version of the ad where it shows what would have happened if the woman in the ad had been armed, but “Everytown” claimed copyright infringement and it was taken down.)

Anti-gun politicians are getting into legal trouble for their activities, highlighting their hypocrisy.

California senator who supported gun control indicted on gun charges.

MAIG mayor jailed for gun related crime

MAIG mayor charged with bribery

MAIG mayor convicted of felony corruption

MAIG mayor guilty of felony obstruction

MAIG mayor charged with child-sex crimes

MAIG mayor charged with DUI

MAIG mayor charged with reckless discharge of a firearm

It’s hard to argue with the trend.  It would seem that gun owner’s voices are being heard, not just by politicians, but by businesses as well. Let’s hope the trend continues.

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