What the numbers say.

For my last post, there is a picture that shows a pie chart of death statistics from the CDC.  I figured for this post, I would break down those statistics so that when someone who wants to ban guns says “But!, But!, But! Guns are bad!” you can have some factual information.

All of the data I am going to dissect here comes from Chart 10 of the CDC’s “2011 Multiple Cause of Death Data File” which was released in June of 2014. This is the most recent data available. The information I used was from Table 10; “Number of deaths from 113 selected causes, Enterocolitis due to Clostridium difficile, drug-induced causes, alcohol-induced causes, and injury by firearms.”

The total number of deaths in 2011 was 2,515,458. That includes from diseases, accidents, murders, the whole thing.


Well, the first thing to do is separate diseases from non-disease related deaths. Diseases of course include Cancer, Heart Attacks, etc. Basically anything medical related that isn’t a doctor making a mistake. There are a few numbers I want you to remember though. Pneumonia killed 52,294 people that year. The flu killed 1,532 people.

Non medical related deaths come in two categories, accidents, and intentional deaths.  I’ll break down each one of these, once I have them separated out.


Okay, so let’s breakdown all of those intentional deaths.


Interestingly, the CDC doesn’t break down Firearm Homicide into justifiable homicide vs. murder.  And if you look at the numbers of suicides, both with and without firearms, you’ll notice how close they are and that banning firearms probably wouldn’t make much of a dent, if any, on the suicide numbers.  This made me wonder how the accidental death numbers look when graphed out.


So, a negligent discharge is statistically insignificant, even in this limited set of information. The stuff under your kitchen sink is more dangerous, and accounted for more deaths.  Maybe we should ban bathroom cleansers, since clearly people aren’t responsible enough to use them wisely, or to store them in a locked safe. Do we need trigger locks for Windex?  So how do all firearms fatalities measure up against all of the non disease related deaths? Obviously they should account for the majority since guns are evil, right?


Maybe not. Keep in mind, that this isn’t all deaths, just those that aren’t due to medical conditions. Remember when I told you about pneumonia earlier in this post?


Pneumonia killed more people than firearms did. Maybe we should make pneumonia illegal? That would obviously save more lives. If that’s just pneumonia, what about the rest?


Wow, we’re bordering on statistical insignificance again.  At this point, considering how prevalent suicide is on the charts (and the chart shows that guns are not the deciding factor, when nearly as many have successfully committed suicide without a firearm as with), and all of the other factors, banning guns, restricting guns, etc, really wouldn’t make much of a difference if any in the grand scheme of things. Especially when we break down the numbers of various other items.

According to this site, there were 253,108,930 cars registered in the US in 2011. According to the Geneva Based Small Arms Survey, there were an estimated 270,000,000 firearms in the US in 2011. Looking back at the numbers, I have discovered something. Cars are more dangerous than guns. 0.00014% (0.000139477%) of cars caused a fatality. 0.00012% (0.000118137%) of guns caused a fatality, and we register cars, license people to use them, etc. If we require all of that for cars, why are there more fatalities attributed to cars, than to firearms?


So, when you really break down the numbers, and start to look at the big picture, you being to wonder what the Moms Demand Action/Bloomberg/Everytown people truly stand for.  Shouldn’t they be demanding that we ban cars? Cars are after all more dangerous, and a larger threat.

If you want to throw an emotional argument at me, and try to tell me that it’s “for the children,” I’m going to call bullshit. You obviously despise children since you don’t want to ban cars.

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