It’s not a prank if it gets you killed.

Lately there have been a few videos floating around of some idiots pulling “pranks” on unsuspecting people.  In the first one, some mental giants go around a seedier part of the town they live in, anonymously walk up to some questionable characters, and offer to sell them “guns.”  “Wanna buy a gun” is not the beginning of a good prank. That’s the beginning of a police investigation.  Even though these geniuses pull out squirt guns, at one point one of the characters of this “prank” has a real gun pulled on him.  You can see the video below.

In another “prank” an individual dresses in an all black outfit, wears the same mask that was made popular by the Scream movie franchise, and pulls a fake rifle on people at night.  Most people run away when they see this ass clown pop up and walk towards them.  The last “victim” in the video draws his concealed carry firearm.  That concealed carrier would have been well within his rights to shoot the “prankster.”  Guy in a mask, with a gun, aimed at me, at night.  Real or not, that could reasonably be perceived as a threat.  The guy pulling the prank was incredibly lucky that his “victim” didn’t shoot him. Again, video below.

Wonder why these idiots thought that this was a good idea?  We are becoming a society of morons.  Horror movies are becoming nothing more than what is called a “jump scare” in the industry. That’s not scary, that’s just startled. Movies like Jackass make huge amounts of money at theaters because people think that it is funny. (Here’s a hint, it’s not funny, it’s just stupid.)  If you watch the movie Idiocracy, we are becoming more and more like the society that Luke Wilson’s character wakes up to.  It’s not going to take 500 years for us to get there either, probably more like five.  That’s why these rocket surgeons thought it would be a good “prank” to pull a gun.

So what is a good prank?  Covering a car in post-it notes, wrapping the entire contents of an office cubicle in gift wrap, tin foil, or even Justin Beiber pictures, taping the hook switch down on an office phone, taping over the laser on an optical mouse, and so on. These are good pranks.  No one gets hurt. No one is in danger of being shot, legally or not. If your prank involves a weapon of any kind, real or fake, you might find out that your victim doesn’t think it’s funny, and if they are a concealed carrier, suddenly you will find out it wasn’t so funny after all.

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