The New Oppressed Minority

This one might offend some of you, but I’m going to be blunt.

It seems the new “in vogue” group to be prejudiced against is gun owners. Allow me to explain; Once upon a time in this country it was acceptable to exclude minorities from your business, either as a customer or as an employee.  We used to have this shitty policy called “separate but equal” which was anything but equal.

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This was shitty to do to someone.

Fortunately, we have moved past that, partially through legislation, and partially because we pulled our heads out of our collective asses.  We have slowly progressed in this country where now it is against the law for a business to discriminate against someone based on their race, religion, sexual preference, political affiliation, and so on.

It is however perfectly legal to discriminate against gun owners.

This is shitty to do to someone too. 

I choose to protect myself instead of depending on others for my safety, and because of that I can be excluded from a business, because the owner, employees, or other customers might get scared.  My choices are to disarm, or not patronize that business.  If we said that a black person couldn’t enter a business because it might scare the other customers, the outrage would be endless.  If we said that you could choose not to hire someone based on whether they were gay, or if they were Jewish, etc. the boycotts would fill the news for weeks.  It is however perfectly legal for a business to say “we don’t serve your kind here,” when it comes to gun owners.  Employers can even say that you aren’t allowed to have a gun at their business.  All because it makes them feel uncomfortable, which is the same reason why we had those previous prejudices.  They make the excuse that gun owners are violent, or ignorant, just like what used to be said about those groups that were previously discriminated against.

I choose to be responsible for my own safety.  I have nothing against the police, but I also understand that they cannot be everywhere at once.  For the most part, the police are a reactionary force.  So a business is legally allowed to say “I don’t give a damned about your safety, it makes people uncomfortable.”

And we accept this, because “it’s a choice.”  Your religion is also a choice, but discriminating against someone’s religion is illegal.

So if you are against guns, congratulations, you’re now a bigot. If you are a gun owner, welcome to the oppressed minority.

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