What’s wrong with the iP1 Smartgun? Plenty.

Some of the anti gun zealots are up in arms that gun owners have taken a pretty dim view of the iP1 Smart Gun from Armatix Solutions.  “But it’s a gun? How could you be against a gun?!?” 

Simple answer? We have nothing against the gun itself, or even the manufacturer (except maybe their marketing department). 

Here is why we have an issue with this gun, or more specifically, the sale of it.


If the gun goes on sale anywhere in the United States, residents of New Jersey are instantly screwed.  As soon as it goes on sale anywhere in the US, the only gun that can be sold in New Jersey is this one. And then they have about 3 years to retrofit/get rid of any of their current firearms. While most of us are not fans of New Jersey, we are still human beings, and care about our fellow law abiding citizens.

This gun is marketed as a self defense tool, which it is most definitely not. It fires a .22 caliber round, which is woefully inadequate for self defense. (Cops don’t use .22s because they are woefully inadequate for self defense.)  A semi automatic pistol should be at least a .380, if not a 9mm for it to begin to come into play as a self defense weapon. Even a .32 (although at that point you’re starting to risk your own safety.) Why is this “smart gun” a .22? It’s likely the electronics cannot handle the vibration and impact stresses that would be caused by the recoil of any larger than a .22. (Why didn’t they make it a 9mm, if it was supposed to be a self defense weapon? The 9mm is the most popular round for self defense handguns after all.)

Next is the outrageous price, and the fact that the watch, which allows the gun to fire, is sold separately.  So basically this is a $2200 .22 pistol. The average price for a semi automatic .22 pistol is less than $500.  That prices the gun out of the range of many who would own guns for self defense.  You can buy a halfway decent handgun for around $300 used.

Then there is my whole blog post about why smart guns aren’t that smart.

So basically? We have nothing against the gun itself. We know it won’t sell, except maybe as a novelty, at that outrageous price.  The fact that there was a mandate for it in New Jersey, as soon as it goes on sale anywhere in the US however, has us as gun owners pretty miffed.

Of course now the gun control advocates are saying that the NRA is blocking development of the technology, and have even offered a “truce” of sorts. They say that if the NRA stops blocking development of smart guns, they will get rid of the New Jersey law. Of course, what they fail to grasp, is that it is the law that the NRA has a problem with, not the gun. Sell the gun, or don’t sell the gun. We really don’t care. Mandate inferior technology for self defense, and now we have an issue.  The only blocking that self defense advocates are doing is in order to protect their fellow citizens. Get rid of the law, and we will happily let the gun go on sale with no issues.

Of course, typical of gun control advocates putting the cart in front of the horse.

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