Play Stupid Games – Win Stupid Prizes

"He was always sharp, always goofy, loved to dance, he was a respectable boy," McSwain said. McSwain said her family was disappointed that Harrison wasn’t charged in the shooting and says her family is still considering pursuing other legal action against him.

If he was that sharp, and respectable why was he committing armed robbery?

“They didn’t deserve to get killed,” said the sister of 14-year-old Michael Sambrano.

Then why were they breaking and entering?

“He wasn’t a bad kid. It’s just — everybody makes bad decisions in their life. Things don’t go as planned. I wish the outcome would’ve been better,” Devonte Coleman, a friend of Bell’s said.

If he wasn’t a bad kid, why was he attempting to beat another man senseless with a baseball bat?

what gives him the right to think that it’s okay to just shoot someone?” a relative, who wished to remain anonymous, told FOX10.

Maybe the fact that who he shot had a gun (illegally) and could easily have done the same to someone else?

And there are oh so many more.  But the one thing that most people seem to overlook in these cases is something that should be blatantly obvious.  In the four cases I linked above, these “good kids” all had one thing in common, besides being shot and killed.  They were criminals.  They were not “good kids.”  They were by the very definition of their actions “bad kids.”  They threatened someone’s life, and they paid for it.  In every case, it was legitimate self defense. 

There are gun control advocates who say that the individuals who shot and killed these criminals should not have been allowed to own a gun.  If that were the case, then it would be the families of people who had done nothing wrong who would be demanding.  It is important to keep in mind, the ones who ended up dead at the end of these stories, are not the victims. They are the criminals. They are the ones who chose that path, and ultimately got killed for their illegal actions.  If it were police officers who had fired the shot, that would be the end of it. Nothing more would be said.  But because these are people who have stepped up to provide for their own safety, the families of the criminals are outraged, and want charges brought against people who committed no crime.  The victims here are the ones that were terrorized at gun point, had their house broken into at night, or were being beaten severely, who used a gun to defend themselves.

Parents, here is a pro-tip for you; If you don’t want your children to be shot by someone defending themselves, tell them that it is perfectly legal for them to be shot and killed for threatening someone’s life, for breaking into a house, playing the “knockout” game, etc.  I feel for these families who have lost a loved one, but ultimately the blame is not with the ones who were defending themselves, their home, or their fellow human being from the detritus of society that decided that armed robbery, breaking and entering, or assaulting another person were a good idea.

In other words, if you play stupid games, be prepared to win stupid prizes.

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