Guns vs. Library cards now?

Here’s another one from social media.  And Tony Bennett added to the list of ill informed, uneducated, willfully ignorant (stupid on purpose) jackasses who don’t know wtf they are talking about.


Here’s what it takes to get a library card from the public library in my municipality.

  1. Enter Library
  2. Ask for Library Card
  3. Fill out application
  4. Show my ID
  5. Receive Library Card

After that I can check out any book from “The Adventures of Captain Underpants” to “War & Peace.”  I get it for two weeks. If I don’t return it in time I am fined, but the fine is a pittance ($0.10 per day).  I do not have to be 18, or 21. My criminal history is irrelevant, and it is free, supported by those late fees and my tax dollars.  My son has a library card. He went through the exact same process.  Pretty easy right?  The hardest part is probably finding the damn library.

Buying a gun is a much different process. Let’s go through that exercise, and buy a handgun for self defense.

  1. Am I at least 21 years old?
  2. Have I ever been convicted of a felony?
  3. Am I a legal US resident?
  4. Am I currently pending any court cases for a violent crime?
  5. Do I use any recreational pharmaceuticals?
  6. Have I ever been told by a court I was crazy?
  7. If I was in the military, was I discharged under dishonorable conditions? (Dishonorable discharge, general discharge under dishonorable conditions, general discharged under less than honorable conditions.)
  8. Is there currently a restraining order against me?
  9. Have I ever been convicted of domestic violence?

The answer to those questions, in order, must be; Yes, No, Yes, No, No, No, No, No, No.  If that is not the case, I am not eligible.  So now that we have determined I am allowed to buy a gun, let’s go to the store and buy one.

I can’t get whatever gun I want.  Some of them are illegal. Some require additional costs, and forms, and fees.  So we’ll settle for something middle of the road. If the gun I was about to buy was a book, we’ll call it “1984.” Now I go into the gun store and try to purchase the gun. It is not as simple as select gun, pay money, leave. It’s actually more like the following.

  1. Select gun
  2. Pay Money
  3. Fill out application form
  4. Seller fills out rest of application form
  5. Seller calls government with information on form.
  6. Wait for answer from government on whether I am allowed to purchase gun.

At this point there are 3 things that can happen.  The government could say no. If that is the case, that’s it, I’m not buying a gun today.  Let someone get turned down from borrowing a book from a library because their name is similar to someone else’s, who is a convicted child molester.  How long do you think it would take for that to cause a stink? Happens all the time to us as gun owners. Option number two is the government says “wait.”  Nothing more than that, just “wait.” No reason why. (I suspect it’s because the government is a bunch of lazy assholes.)  Anyways, if the government says “wait,” then I must wait, up to 14 days, before I get a decision back that says yes or no.  Back to our library example, you have the book “Knitting, in 1,067 easy steps” in your hand and are at the checkout counter. The librarian takes the book from you, and says “I don’t know if you can have this book, you need to come back in two weeks.”  It’s not that the book is not there, it was in your hand. You must wait.  The last option that the government gives is “Yes.”  Now we can complete the transaction, and I own a gun.

So what if it was as easy to get as gun as it was to get a library card? Walk into store, select gun, leave. And that includes any gun, not limited by some arbitrary decision about cosmetic features that a gun may or may not have.

It is not easy to buy a gun. It is unbelievably easy to get a library card.  According to Tony Bennett’s quote in the picture up there, If he truly thinks that is the case, he is a moron.

If I see too many more of these internet memes that try to use a famous personality who doesn’t know dick to try and push an agenda, I’m going to add a section to my blog that lists these ass clowns along with the derp they tried to pass off as fact or logic.

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