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Why you should test your carry ammo

I just recently got my XDs 9mm back from Springfield after their recall.  I was thrilled to get it back.  As a thank you for my patience and for being inconveienced by the recall, Springfield also gave me an extended … Continue reading

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The story behind “the Dainty Gun”

I frequently get ridiculed from my friends and family for being the guy with the “dainty gun.”  I wear that label with pride, because it’s pretty much true.  I don’t have to have a .600 Nitro Express pistol in order … Continue reading

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Why public schools suck.

Heads up; This is part gun blog rant, and mostly personal rant. There was an article this past week about some public school officials wringing their hands because the No guns allowed sign had a picture of a gun on … Continue reading

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Paranoid, or Prepared?

I cruise around some of the firearms related sub forums on, and one of the “redditors” posed an interesting question. (Thanks /u/kheiland) Where do we draw the line between “prepared” and “paranoid?” After seeing a lot of different opinions … Continue reading

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So why use a pistol grip on a rifle?

There seems to be some controversy over the usefulness of a pistol grip on a rifle.  I have fired rifles both with and without pistol grips.  It really comes down to a personal preference.  My preference is for a pistol … Continue reading

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20/20 “Young Guns” episode was a farce.

Last night Diane Sawyer tried a new tact in promoting legislation to ban guns.  Kids.  The whole episode seemed to center on the “If it saves one child” line of rhetoric that makes firearms owners seethe.  I’m going to try … Continue reading

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