“Smart Guns” are a really stupid idea.

Cruising around my social media sites, I saw this link posted;


Can “smart guns” slash violence? Nope.  If the technology can be defeated in any way, it is useless. It would be like using a zip tie to lock your car.  All it takes to defeat that, is a tool of some sort. It doesn’t even have to be the right one.

A long time ago, when I was a kid back in like 1980, I used to go over to my friend’s house. In his basement his father had a collection of Playboy, Penthouse, and Hustler magazines. I think he had every issue, and I’m sure the collection is worth millions today. It was probably the largest contributing factor to me wanting to see nearly every woman I meet naked, but that’s a conversation for a therapist.  Anyway, I remember in the back of one of those magazines I saw an ad for something that I thought was interesting at the time. A safety for a pistol that required you to wear a special ring in order for the pistol to fire.  I don’t know if that particular company is still around, but the premise is nearly identical for the following company; http://www.smartlock.com/smartgun_detail.htm

So the idea has been around for quite some time, at least since the halcyon days of my misspent youth.  Now I would think, and rightly so, that the military and the police have a pretty vested interest in ensuring that their firearms are not used by someone not authorized to use them.  So why don’t they use a system like this? Quite simply, they don’t work. More specifically, in a SHTF moment, which our military and our police are prone to more so than the rest of us, the system might not work, or work too well, depending on your perspective. It might prevent even the “authorized” user from using the weapon. Unless the stars align just right, you may not be able to grip the handle of your pistol properly, you may have to shoot with your weak side hand, and the absolute last thing anyone wants to hear, be it police officer, military, or average Joe, when they need to pull the trigger, is “click” instead of “BANG.” And the system can be easily defeated.  If a gun with that stupid ring safety is stolen, all it would take to defeat that ring safety mechanism would be to remove it, or to damage it so that it does not prevent the weapon from firing.  So that brilliant idea is a failure from the start. No wonder cops don’t use it. It’s useless.  That didn’t stop others from trying similar ideas though.

Other attempts at “personalized” guns;




So where did they get this brilliant idea of having some sort of gun lock that would allow only an authorized user to fire the weapon? Science Fiction, that’s where. They saw some movie somewhere that had some gun with a safety feature that only allows an “authorized” user to fire it, through DNA, palm print, retinal scan, credit score, sperm count or some other idiotic method of ID. Don’t believe me? I remember one example pretty clearly, since it is a major plot point of the movie, even though it’s not the first time this idea was introduced.


Okay, so the pistol can only be fired by an authorized user based on DNA.  What a wonderful idea! Wouldn’t it be great if… blah, blah, blah, and so on.  I guess it completely missed the political pioneers that are championing smart gun crap that the user in this instance was a cop.

“So here you go, Officer Krupke, this gun can only be fired by you. (Unless you lose it, and the DNA lock feature is disabled by whoever found/stole it, then anyone can shoot it.)”

And this isn’t the only instance of this dumbassery in cinema either. It shows up all over the place.  Cops, Secret Agents, Aliens, all have some fancy schmancy technology that says that the only person who can fire a gun is an authorized user, or at least has to be the same species as you.  The key part of this whole thing though is the “Fiction” part of “Science Fiction", because the science is definitely missing.


You want me to use “smart gun” technology? Fine.  Let the military and the police use it first for about 5 years.  Let them prove that it is technology that cannot be defeated, and that it will work, without fail.  Until then, advertisements for this kind of technology belong in the back of men’s magazines where I saw that first ad, because just like everything else in those publications, it’s just fantasy.

If you want to study up some more on the subject of “Personalized guns,” Knock yourself out.

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