Does having a gun change who you are as a person?

Just saw this article that summarizes comedian Bill Cosby’s view on guns.

I saw something that he said in this article that bothered me.

“I know if you have a gun, it changes your whole feeling about what you can tell people, about how people better do what you say,” Cosby said.

I’m sorry, what? How does he know this? Does he own a gun? Has he gone through self defense training, or a class for getting a license to carry?  In the first part of that sentence, he was probably right.  I own a firearm and I have a license to carry it concealed.  It did change my feeling about what I can tell people.  It wasn’t that they better “do what I say.”  In fact it was the exact opposite.

I’m not a bully or asshole when I am out and about in public.  I’m terrified of being seen as the aggressor in a conflict situation.  Before I carried I might have said or done something if I was offended by someone for calling me a name or insulting me. I’m sure you know the posture, fists clenched, shoulders flared, ready to fight. Now, I will sheepishly back down. “I have a gun so I’m right” is not part of that conversation. Are we all like this? Unfortunately not, but the number who aren’t is diminishingly small, and the rest of us are right there with you when one of us does something stupid, like this guy.  This example was a clear cut case of “dumbass”, and the majority of us who do carry wanted to see this guy get punished. 

There is a higher “asshole to normal person” ratio in general than there is among those who carry though.  We are much less likely to do anything confrontational.  Typically they are like me.  I will always back down from a fight.  “You win, tough guy.  You’re right, I’m a pussy.  Yep, I am absolutely everything you say I am.  I’m going to leave now, Chief.”  Contrary to what the movies and TV tell you I am, I am absolutely not “Billy Bad Ass,”  and I don’t pretend to be.  Have I been pissed off? Sure. What have I done about it? Not a damned thing. Have I unholstered my gun? Yep, plenty of times; at the range, at my in-law’s farm, and at home.  The ONLY things that I have ever shot with my pistol are cardboard, paper, dirt and bullet trap. Not necessarily in that order, and not all at the same time. Oh and one snake and one mortally wounded coyote to put him out of his misery, I don’t let animals suffer (both part of that whole farm thing).  I’ve been out in public, standing next to Joe Public, and all the while, they were oblivious to the fact that the guy standing next to them in the mall had a gun.  Do I think that people “better do what I say?” Nope. Most of the time it’s none of my business, and I could care less what they are doing.  Do I agree with everything I’m told? Absolutely not, but having a gun doesn’t make me right in a dispute.

Cosby continued;

you have a right to defend yourself. That means both people. So, you have a gun and you come up to me … I don’t have a gun…

Yep, I have a right to defend myself. Anyone absolutely has a right to defend themselves using whatever means they feel are appropriate.  I am not going to disagree with that.  If someone wants to depend on the police to defend them, that is their choice.  If they want to use mace, a pocket knife, taser, or a broadsword? I’m okay with that, it was their choice.  Personally I chose a handgun. I have my reasons, and I don’t need to share them with anyone. That was my choice, please respect it.

No one has a right to threaten my life, or that of my loved ones.  Here is where Cosby gets it wrong.  If someone comes up to me and threatens my life… I’m not talking about some drunken idiot looking for a bar fight, but in earnest threatens my life, using a knife, a gun, an NFL linebacker, what have you, I will defend myself.  “So you have a gun and you come up to me…” doesn’t tell enough of the story.  Is the person approaching him a threat?  “I don’t have a gun…” That was your choice.  Besides you don’t need a gun to threaten someone’s life.  I have a gun. If I approached someone (gun still holstered mind you, and out of sight), and was simply asking for directions, and that person starts to attempt to play the “knockout” game with me…

You gotta have the whole story, don’t you?

So this is another example of someone talking authoritatively on something which they actually know nothing about.  Sorry Coz, I’m adding you to the ever increasing ranks of “famous, but idiot,”  like Stephen King from a few weeks ago. 

p.s. I’m kind of bummed that I need to add Katy Perry to that list also. I liked one or two of her songs.


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