Why the cop shows don’t take place in Texas

My wife and I enjoy some absolute drivel on T.V. Guilty pleasure stuff I know. We watch NCIS, NCIS-LA, Almost Human (future, but still cops), just got into watching Law & Order SVU, saw half of an episode of Chicago PD once, and so on.  Something occurred to me. All of these shows take place in areas that are restrictive to ridiculous when it comes to gun laws.  NCIS? Washington D.C. NCIS-LA? Duh. Law & Order? New York. And so on.  What would happen if any one of those shows took place, in, oh, let’s say the Houston area. 

Opening Credits

“Hey Sergeant, what happened here?”

Oh hey detective. Doofus here tried to hold up this gas station, and tried to take this guy hostage. This guy had a CHL, and dropped him. Simple as that.”

Closing credits.

Granted that is probably an over simplification of it, but it wouldn’t be too far off.  Why would this be the case though? There was a line from the movie Miss Congeniality that summed it up perfectly.

“Of course he had a gun. This is Texas, everybody has a gun. My florist has a gun!”

While that may not be technically accurate, the sentiment is not far off.  Not everyone has a gun. A pretty good number of us do though.  And quite a few of us have a license to carry that gun, concealed.  Even some florists. If you’re a bad guy, the most fun game you can play is “guess who’s packing heat". Now I’m not saying that we don’t have crime here. We have our fair share of it. But we also have citizens who won’t be mistaken for victims, who will fight back, and are allowed the means to do so, unlike New York, D.C., or (until very recently) Chicago.  That is why those shows have to take place in those cities.  It wouldn’t make much sense in most other places.  I will say this though; apparently on these shows, they are listening to someone.  We are seeing a lot more realistic trigger discipline, and actual proper technique, or at least close to it. Granted it is still Hollywood, but they are getting better about it. 

In any case, you probably won’t ever see a CSI:Phoenix. It’s always going to be New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, or some place similar.  Some place where the citizens are effectively disarmed, and have to depend on someone else for their safety, instead of relying on themselves.  “Target Rich Environments” for criminals make for better drama, but suck in real life.

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