You can be shot by an unloaded gun? WTF?

I just saw this video on Youtube; (click the picture, links to the video.)


My only response to that video is;


Well, people may have been shot by a gun that was assumed to be unloaded. Interesting anecdote. My wife and I recently got to sit in studio with the guys from Gun Over Texas Radio while they were on the air. (One of the perks of being friends with them and bringing them venison chili.)  While we were there, Sean Cody was there and had a case of awesomeness with him.  While we were in studio, we were all checking out a Glock pistol with a suppressor. As it was handed back and forth between all of us, each one of us checked the firearm to ensure it was not loaded, even though we just saw the person next to us do the same thing. That pistol was checked no less than 40 times in a matter of about 10 minutes or so.  Our training said that you never assume a weapon is not loaded.  We never did. As soon as it was in our hands, the slide was racked, the chamber checked, and so on. It was a nice pistol too. Y’all know I’m not a huge fan of Glock, but that particular pistol seems to be the exception.

The problem I have is with what the California council critter said;

“There are a lot of people who have been shot by an unloaded gun…”

No councilwoman, they were perhaps shot by a gun that was presumed to be unloaded, but if it was actually unloaded, I seriously doubt it.  What would an unloaded gun actually shoot? Innuendo? Dirty looks? Harsh Language? It’s crap and misinformation like this that we gun owners have to deal with on a regular basis.  It’s crap like this that gets kids suspended from school because their Pop Tart might go bang. It’s crap like this that has girls prevented from boarding an airplane because a concho on their purse looks like the right hand side of a tiny little Colt revolver.  It’s crap like this, that has us gun owners trying desperately to educate a willfully ignorant public who base their reasoning on their assumptions, which gives us terms like “Assault Weapon” and “High Power Rifle.”  Yep. You gun grabbing types are willfully ignorant.  In case that little bit slips by you it means “stupid on purpose.”  If you would take 30 minutes to educate yourself about firearms, your opinion might change. I’m not saying you have to like them. You can go on hating them, that’s fine with me. But that is your personal choice.  But stop using “reasoning” like what this idiot councilwoman said to try and take something away from me that you don’t like.

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