Do the anti gun activists ever get tired of being wrong?

Well this is going to be a conundrum for someone.  Shannon Watts, the founder of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, in addition to needing help with naming organizations and acronyms, has stated the following quote;

Pro-gun activists are worried about losing their guns and moms are worried about losing their children. You tell me who’s going to win.”

So if you are a mother, you don’t have a gun? If you have a gun you don’t have children?  Might want to explain to my wife that she either doesn’t have a child or doesn’t have a gun.  I’m sure the look that she will give you when you explain this little fact to her will make you feel as stupid as you are.  But I’ll let her tell you in her own words.  Ladies and Gentleman, my wife;

I would like to say that this is a very common statement, belief and or scare tactic from the left wing.  I come from a modest family and have been around weapons all my life.  Let me say that first I’m a daughter, a wife, a mother, and a proud gun owner.  My own mother hunted while she was pregnant both with me and with my younger brother.  I grew up in a very loving family and was taught from a very young age the responsibility of guns. I have a great education.  My husband was first introduced to firearms when he was in the military years ago.  I married my husband, a wonderful man, and we have a child. Just because we have a child does not mean the weapons go in the trash or that we sell them.  Excuse my language but, HELL NO!  We have taught our son about weapons and the responsibility of weapons.  My husband never has to worry about me going out or being alone at home with our son because he knows I can take care of my self and MY family.  I would not ever think twice about defending my self or my family.  So for somebody to say that “Pro-gun activists are worried about losing their guns and moms are worried about losing their children” is a crock. I will not lose either my child, or my guns.

So there you have it folks. From a wife, mother, and gun owner.  And I know from experience; she is an amazing shot. Better than most guys I know, including me, as a matter of fact. Trust me, you do not want to threaten her family, or threaten her means of defending her family. So Ms. Watts forgot to account for one segment of the population; the gun owning mother.  Between a pro-gun activist, and anti-gun activist, a mother, and a mother with a gun, guess who I’m going to bet on winning.

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