Is it envy?

I’ve been seeing this posted around social media sites.


As well as many similar to it, in addition to comments to that effect.  It’s interesting to me, that the only ones who make the reference to male anatomy, are those who are uncomfortable around guns.  I wonder why that is?  Also, for the millions of women who carry firearms, both concealed and open; what does this say about them? Do they carry a gun due to some kind of envy?  If it was really about compensating, why isn’t every single firearm one of these?


Why would they even sell Compact, Sub-Compact, and Pocket Carry Pistols? Maybe because it isn’t about compensating for anything, but actually about self defense. If I whip something out of my pants for self defense, I can tell you what it WON’T be.

I don’t equate my firearm to a male specific appendage. My wife doesn’t equate a firearm to a male specific appendage. And even if we did, hers is bigger, and I’m fine with that.  I don’t need to own a .50 Caliber Desert Eagle in order to feel comfortable in my masculinity. To me, it’s not about envy, or compensation, or anything like that.  It’s about self preservation.

To those that post things along these lines though, it’s strictly about fear.  Even Dr. Sigmund Freud had something to say about it.


While the quote itself is misattributed in the Freud picture, the sentiment is accurate. From the Wikipedia page; “In these other passages Freud associates retarded sexual and emotional development not with gun ownership, but with fear and loathing of weapons.” Imagine that.

If you are afraid of weapons you are sexually retarded.  Do you really want to be advertising that?  In public?  Are you really sure you want to be making dick jokes about gun owners?  Especially with what that implies, according to the renowned and pioneering psychotherapist, Dr. Sigmund Freud?

Oh, there are also studies like this one, that make a mockery of your penis/gun equivalency.

So I guess when you run out of valid arguments for gun control (because every argument you have in favor of gun control has been summarily destroyed by facts), the only thing you have left is ad hominem attacks against gun owners that highlight your own ignorance of the subject.

Now, are gun owners going to shoot you for saying stuff like this? Absolutely not! We will however smile at you, condescendingly, since we know the only reason you are saying it is because you envy our “guns.”

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