What the hell is a “High Powered” Rifle.

Some people who are arguing for gun control (which is itself a misnomer, but I won’t get into that today) want to ban “High Powered” Rifles. They say that they don’t have a problem with legitimate hunters, as though that is some sort of excuse that makes it okay. (Like saying “I have friends who are ____” somehow excuses you from being racist.)

So what the hell is a “high powered” rifle? Most of the time the gun grabbers are interested in banning a semi automatic rifle with a pistol grip and removable magazine. It actually has nothing to do with “high power” or “low power” or any power at all. Rifles are not categorized into power rankings.

Look at the picture below. Which one of those bullets typically goes into an AR-15 style rifle?


Trick question. The answer is both. On the left is a .22LR, or .22 Long Rifle round. On the right is a .223 round. They make AR-15s that will use either one. They even make conversion kits to fire the one on the left from a rifle made for the one on the right, since the bullets are roughly the same diameter. I have heard a rifle that shoots the bullet on the left described as a “High Power Sniper Rifle.” Really? Was on National TV no less. Unbelievable.

Look at the picture below. Which one of those bullets below is the same as the one on the right above?


Gun grabbers, sorry, “Gun Control Advocates,” would have you believe it is the one on the far right. In all actuality, it is the one on the far left.  For reference, my hunting rifle uses the second one from the left. The bullets shown are, from left to right; .223, .308, .243 Winchester Short Magnum, .284, 30-06, 7mm Winchester Short Magnum, 7mm magnum, 300 Weatherby Magnum, .338 Lapua Magnum, and finally, a .50 BMG. So, this supposed “High Power” rifle, actually uses one of the smallest, and lowest powered rounds, when compared to what is available. So what makes a rifle “high powered?” My hunting rifle has a larger, and more lethal bullet than most AR rifles have, but it’s not considered “High Power.” A 30-06 round, which is a very common hunting ammo, is far more powerful than a .223. The M-1 uses a 30-06 bullet and is  semi automatic. It just doesn’t have the fancy pistol grip. But somehow it is not “High Power?” Basically all this means is, the people who use the term “high powered rifle” actually have no clue what they are talking about and are just trying to push an agenda. And if you believe that “high powered” rifles exist, I would like to know what a “low powered” rifle is. And would you try to ban that too? Is it okay to have a .22 AR, but not a .223 one? Is it just because AR style rifles are scary? (Is it because you mistakenly think AR means “Assault Rifle?”)

Just to be clear;

.22LR AR-15 = “High Powered Rifle”
.30-06 M1 Garand = “Standard Rifle”


So what can you learn here? The next time some gun control loon says “High Powered Rifle” in an attempt to justify a ban, ask them to explain just what “High Powered” means. Chances are they are ignorant morons, and are just using the term as a scare tactic to get whatever idiotic law that infringes on my rights, and yours too incidentally, passed.

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11 Responses to What the hell is a “High Powered” Rifle.

  1. Martin gomez says:

    Perfect. Your comments are awesome and well said .im a gun owner as well and member of NRA. I owned a 30-30 a AK a 54 long colt and a 9 I love all


  2. Jason Jones says:

    The gun range I go to is indoors and has a sign that says to ask them if you bring a high powered rifle. I called and ask about it and all the staff would say was no armor piercing rounds, which didn’t really answer my question. I would consider rounds like the 50 BMG or 700 Nitro Express (as examples) high power, but where is the starting point? If there is one?


  3. FirstSight says:

    Good job analyzing it with the pictures. I have my doubts if there is any agreed upon definition of or dividing point between “high powered” and “low powered”. Another questionable one is “high capacity magazine”. Is that 15, 30 or 100 rounds? And “assault rifle”? I blame the moron reporters working at news agencies for creating and throwing out many of these meaningless words to excite their customers. Then the mindless general public begins repeating what they think is a legitimate word.

    I would think that if a true classification system exists, it would be based upon either the energy of the round discharged at the muzzle .or possibly the penetrating distance into a certain material at a certain distance. Although the second method may unduly favor smaller caliber rounds.If you think of firing a large cannonball that fits loosely in the barrel and using a small charge, it has a lot of (kinetic?) energy exiting the barrel because of it’s mass and it’s distance above the ground, but it may only travel 20 feet and not have much (horizontal) penetrating power except for it’s (vertical) penetrating power when it falls to the ground.

    I was looking for what would be the name of a meaningless/vague term like “high powered rifle”. Anybody know if there is a literary/grammatical name for words like this?


  4. You gun-humpers are a sad, mad, riot.

    You huff and puff about the ignorance and cluelessness of your “opponents”, while you blow smoke to obfuscate and sow confusion. Why is that?

    Oh, wait, I know. You are afraid that if you let the smoke clear, the flaccid foundation and appalling selfish stupidity of your position would be clear to everyone, maybe even yourselves. And then what would you do?

    Y’all disgrace yourselves, and our country, with this stuff. I don’t suppose you’ll stop though, will you? Because, well, you’d actually have to take a good look at yourselves.


    • There is a reason that we demand accuracy in your claims. And it’s not “huffing and puffing” about the cluelessness of our opponents, it is pointing out that you are in fact mistaken. Have you read the rest of my blog or did you just land on this post and want to comment? If you had read the rest, you might have found out something. Facts are on our side. Of course, you didn’t bring any facts or evidence to the table, you simply called us names. And not once have we ever done anything to blow smoke or obfuscate anything. We don’t need to. Everthing in this post and my other posts is factually accurate. I’d welcome any facts that you could bring to the table, and unlike your side, I don’t ban or block opponents who don’t agree with me. Your voice is jsut as valid here as any one elses. (I’d like to see Shannon Watts or Everytown do the same, I am blocked from both.)


    • John Doe says:

      If it wasn’t for us gun humpers as you call it you wouldn’t have the life that you have you can speak your mind and not be prosecuted for it and your not under Chinese rule
      You should wake and smell the coffee because China is rising and if you dont think so you are fool


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  6. Taylor says:

    I’m a gun guy, everyone I have ever talked with considers “high power” to be any center fire rifle cartridge so that excludes all rim fire and pistol cartridges.


  7. Mike says:

    Fear of guns is a fear that people who are sexual challenged have.


  8. Eric Oyen says:

    having been a former competition shooter myself (before I became blind at age 24 from a motor vehicle incident), I had used almost every available rifle and in various calibers.. Now, what would qualify as “high power”? Muzzle velocity? Available Kinetic energy? or a combination of both? If the Gun Control lobby decided to play it smart and say both, then they would be effectively asking for a ban on any rifle capable of shooting the smaller sized rounds (.22, .223, .284 and even the lower end 30 caliber rounds) all because those would contain the highest effective balance of both kinetic and muzzle velocities. So, that would mean your 22 long rifle, and everything up to and including your .30-06 hunting rifle would be on the “ban list”. Funny how that would work out.

    So, what does the Gun Control lobby really want? well, lets see, the answer itself is within the question: control. They are so afraid of an armed public capable of defending itself that they are trying, in essence, to gain control. And yet, one has to ask, who do they want control for? *THAT* is the important question.


  9. Daniel says:

    That’s exactly what I was wondering lately.
    Very interesting if all that is true.


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