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Concealed Carry Starter Kit

A friend of mine who is looking to become a member of the growing numbers of gun owners who carry concealed, asked me for advice on where to start.  This got me to thinking about everything that I went through … Continue reading

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What constitutes a “Stockpile”?

“…deputies found five guns and more than 100 rounds of ammunition…”  Oh stop the presses. over 100 rounds? This individual is obviously gearing up for a war! Yes that was sarcasm.  100 rounds of ammunition is not a “stockpile.” It … Continue reading

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Divine Animal Right

A few days ago the movie “Enough” starring Jennifer Lopez was on TV. The wife and I watched it because we remembered it being a good movie. The movie came out the year before she and I met, and before … Continue reading

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What the hell is a “High Powered” Rifle.

Some people who are arguing for gun control (which is itself a misnomer, but I won’t get into that today) want to ban “High Powered” Rifles. They say that they don’t have a problem with legitimate hunters, as though that … Continue reading

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A Year after Sandy Hook…

The tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary happened nearly a year ago.  Gun Control advocates in the past year have pushed for all kinds of legislation that would increase controls on the rights of firearms owners throughout the country.  Unfortunately, not … Continue reading

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