Guns aren’t cars.

Just saw this picture posted on the facebook timeline of an old friend of mine from High School.


Really? I thought that this argument was done already. Apparently not. Let’s turn that around. What if cars were as regulated as guns?

  1. If you have ever been convicted of a felony, you couldn’t touch a car, let alone purchase one. *
  2. When you purchase a new car, after you have paid for it, you may have to wait up to fourteen days before you can take your car from the dealership (depending on what state you live in). They might even say no, you can’t have it. If they say no, tough shit. Walk. **
  3. To get a permit to drive a car in public, you must subject yourself to a rigorous background check, can’t have ever been convicted of a felony (from rule #1 basically, they just quadruple check) . Also no class A-misdemeanors in the past ten years, no history of domestic violence, can’t be behind on your taxes, or child support, etc. (According to Texas anyways.) ***
  4. Oh, and that car permit may not be recognized if you cross a state line. And the rules change drastically once you do. While you may be perfectly legal in Arizona, if you cross into California and you have a car that is illegal in California, you have just committed a felony. ****
  5. Minivans are illegal in California, Illinois, New York, and several other states. It is not posted at the state border which ones are legal and which ones aren’t. Best advice? When you get to a state border, get out and walk. *****
  6. In some states, like California, your gas tank can only hold 10 gallons of gas. In New York, even though you can have a 10 gallon tank in your car, you can only ever have 7 gallons in it. In New Jersey, you can’t have premium gas in your car, just the low grade stuff. ******
  7. Vans, buses and similar vehicles, can’t have been made after the 50’s, and if you want to own one, you have to pay an additional tax (several hundred dollars), and let the BATFE dig around in your life for the better part of six months. They may say no. Tough shit. *******
  8. You can rent a car, but you can’t leave the rental establishment with it. (Guess what? Felony.)
  9. If you fail to lock your car when it’s in the garage, and there are children in your house, you have just committed a felony. (Damn, you’re just racking up the felony charges, aren’t you?)
  10. If you get into an accident with your car, the first thing that happens is you go to jail (at least in Texas), not exchange insurance information. It doesn’t matter who hit who, so even if they hit you… jail. You have to prove, twice, that it was the other person’s fault. If you fail to do so? Felony, and kiss all of your cars goodbye. (See Item #1 on this list.)
  11. You can’t drive your car onto school property unless you have special permission from the school board. Chances are you don’t. (Hello, another felony.)
  12. You can’t drive your car to a bar or nightclub. You should have walked.

And so on, and so on.

Do you really want to equate gun laws to car laws?

I could go on, but you get the point. Cars are not guns. Guns are not cars. The rules for guns are very different than the rules for cars because of it. Trying to equate guns to cars is like trying to do the math problem  “six times potato.” It doesn’t work. Quit trying.  Also, it does not say “the right to drive cars” in the U.S. Constitution. (Just a minor sticking point, you know?)

To my friend from facebook? Sorry. But I’m not going to let you use these stupid arguments to try and limit my ability to defend myself and my family. Maybe you should try and understand the regulations that are already in place, and how convoluted they are before trying to create new ones that will do nothing but harass and harangue those of us who choose to own firearms responsibly. (I will be glad to educate you on the finer points of these rules if you wish.) If you really want to do something, how about enforcing the laws we already have.

* Public Law 90-618
(any items without footnotes are limited to the scope of the state of Texas, where I reside.)

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One Response to Guns aren’t cars.

  1. john Doesky says:

    here’s something that I’d love to apply to guns like cars….near mandatory state funded gun training in high school for every boy and girl. Would love that every boy and girl got ttraining in handguns, pistols , and shotguns in school.


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