Choose your friends wisely…

I’m not regularly in the habit of hanging out with the seedier elements of society. There is a specific reason for that, that has nothing to do with the person at all. You will never see me being friendly and hanging out with Martha Stewart. (It’s not like I would ever be given the chance, but if I was, I would decline.)  The reason I wouldn’t be seen with Martha Stewart, or any number of other people, has nothing to do with political views, personal preferences, how likeable that person is or anything of that nature. I wouldn’t be caught with them, ever, because they are convicted felons.

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The Only Winning Move…

My family is sitting in a McDonald’s on a late Friday evening.  My wife and son have gotten their drinks and made their way to a table, and I follow shortly after them with our food.  We are not in a “bad” area of town.  It is not in the small hours of the morning. We aren’t sitting in a waffle house. Still something has made my wife’s radar go up, and she is very keen on keeping a close eye on the environment. Continue reading

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Knives aren’t necklaces

A while back my wife and I got some training on using knives in a self-defense situation.  While the instruction was very useful and informative, something about that class has stuck with me and bothered me.  The instructor recommended a knife hanging around a lanyard on his neck as the best option for a bladed self-defense tool.  I’m going to disagree.

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Dear gun store assholes…

We live in a tiny town in Texas.  Of course, since it’s Texas there is at least one gun store in town. (We actually have three, in a town with a population of about four thousand.)  Sounds like it would be awesome, right?  Yeah, not if you’re my wife.  I’m going to relate to you what she has told me about her experiences at most gun stores.

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Bad Apples II -Encounters with the police.

About two years back, I wrote a post about surviving an encounter with police after a movement started intent on discrediting any police organization and claiming that every officer was a racist murderer.  This all started because of a media narrative that turned out to be completely false. The damage had been done though, and the movement still exists to this day.  It seems not a week goes by that there isn’t some incident of an individual who was rendered free to assume room temperature by an interaction with a member of law enforcement.  And again, I find people who are wholly unqualified to make any judgment about whether the officer was justified so often of late, even among my friends that I would consider “educated”, that I felt compelled to write this post as a follow up.

Original article here: Bad Apples – Surviving an encounter with Police.

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You know what they didn’t have?

This past weekend there was a horrific attack in Orlando, Florida at a predominantly gay nightclub.  I won’t publish the name of the asshole who perpetrated the attack, but he used guns.  Naturally after every occurrence like this, people are up in arms about how to prevent this kind of tragedy, and this time around I have seen all of it… again… still.

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I got shot today.

I got shot today. Several times. (I think 7 times after I tried to remember everything.) I got shot waiting in line at an ATM machine. I got shot in a convenience store. I got shot in a church parking lot. I got shot at a friends apartment complex. I got shot in a parking garage, three times. And then for good measure I got my throat slashed. No, I’m not writing this from beyond. I’m not sitting in a hospital bed recovering from my injuries.  For as many times as I got shot and stabbed there is no physical indication of any of my injuries, because none of it was real.

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